NY Bathtub Reglazers, Inc. is located in the Morris Park Section of the Bronx and we also live in the Bronx, so we are dedicated to restoring our communities bathrooms to their former glory, one bathtub refinishing at a time! Bronx bathtub refinishing is a necessary and cost effective way to revitalize an ageing bathroom. Old, rusted, stained and dirty bathtubs are not only a health hazard, but may contain lead, which could affect a child’s long term health. Our Epoxy Primer works as a “lead shield”, encapsulating the lead and rendering the bathtub safe to use.

Beyond the health hazards associated with failing bathtubs, we want a bathtub to be the center piece of a bathroom, so aesthetics are an important component to bathtub refinishing. Our coatings provide a safe and beautiful high gloss finish in a myriad of colors that will make cleaning your tub an easy task. No more scrubbing mold and mildew off your tub with bleach, instead, our mold and mildew resistant finish will only require gentle washing with liquid soaps.

Did we mention that NY Bathtub Reglazers will remove and replace the caulking around the top of your bathtub for no additional cost? Yup, a Bronx bathtub refinishing job needs to be sealed behind the wall with a high quality caulk but it also looks great. Imagine a well refinished tub with dirty, uneven caulking? As part of our refinishing process, we will strip the bathtub of an old finish at no additional cost as well. We dont want to continue to charge for work that should be done to create a professionally refinished tub, so we charge a low flat rate for our customers in the Bronx.

At the completion of refinishing we leave you with a warranty, receipt and care instructions. We pride ourselves on customer service, professionalism a happy customers. We have been reglazing bathubs in the Bronx for over 20 years and will continue to hire and give back to our community