Attention to all Hoboken, New Jersey residents who are looking to refinish your bathtub/shower. At NY Bathtub Reglazers, we can refinish your bathtub for an affordable rate. After decades of dog baths, abrasive cleaners, scratches from potted plants or drippy faucets that cause rust and eventually holes, even the toughest porcelain bathtub may need its surface spruced up. The same goes for fiberglass tubs, which are also vulnerable to cracking or splitting.

It used to be that you lived with your tub’s spots, chips and cracks, or you junked it. But reglazing methods have gotten better and become a cost-effective alternative to removal and replacement. The process can even turn those green, pink or yellow tubs out there a new, sleek, fresh color.

Virtually every surface problem from holes to bumps and blisters can be fixed. One of the most common reasons we are called is because people have misused drain acids to clear clogs. These chemicals need to be poured directly into the drain so they don’t touch the tub. But people pour the stuff in without even removing the standing water, so it ends up making the tub bottom look like the surface of the moon. Leave the refinishing up to us and you’ll be completely satisfied with the end product.

Cases of serious damage require a bottom rebuild. Sanding pads smooth away big bumps, then fillers are applied to get everything flush. Splits in fiberglass tubs require “resupporting,” where holes are drilled in the tub and polyurethane foam is injected to expand and harden.

If you have plumbing problems or need replacement parts, you need to address them before reglazing. Sometimes customers call in a reglazer not to repair a tub, but to banish a dated color. Most tend to choose white or bone, although we can create any color you want. You don’t see too many seafoam greens and yellows anymore. About the only time you get into color is antique tubs, where the inside is done in one color, the outside in another, the feet might be chromed or painted gold or silver.

If your bathtub has been previously coated, it needs to be removed. We ensure that our coating properly bonds with the surface of your bathtub. We mask off all areas when doing the reglazing and we make sure when we’re done you have a beautiful finish in your Hoboken bathroom! NY Bathtub Reglazers is your best choice for bathtub refinishing and bathroom installation. Contact us today for a quote.